I am tired of my pictures. I wanted to show you some of M’s, but they are all on her camera. I was looking at Flickr, and saw this, which led me to this which led me to this. They’re the photos and the blog of a guy named Ilya Varlamov.

The blog is in in Russian, but just paste it in Google translate.

Woman with old book

I love his pictures of libraries, and the colors seem so Russian to me.


Reading-room of Southeast Asia

Also the parquet floors and the very tall doors.

And I love this story of books hidden at the Polytechnic Museum.

Oh, and here is another story about books in the Russian State Library.

Between the bookshelves
My god, it’s exactly like what we do, only we do not have those nifty tables between the shelves. Hmm.

Oh, this, too! Very much like the Library of Congress.

Anyway. Interesting, isn’t it?


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