I’ve been reading John Le Carre novels. I realize this is a thing I do — if I like a writer, I read a lot of his or her books. I read the three Smiley books, then The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, and now A Murder of Quality, which is an early one. They’re good. And I’ve been getting them from the library, which feels very virtuous. I think his thing, the thing he is concerned about, is the interplay between macro and micro — that what may be a good thing on a large scale may not play cleanly all the way down to the small scale. Democracy is probably better than Communism, generally speaking, but it’s possible that some of the people who support the democracy may be jerks, while some of the individual communists may be decent people. Life is complicated. I think he’s probably right about that.

I’ve been very tired lately, and I wonder if it isn’t the weather. It’s sunny but cold — perfect sleeping weather. And I’m trying to walk a lot, which is tiring. And I think the change of seasons just is tiring. That’s my theory, anyway.

Anyway, I am tired now and would like to go home to read my book. Plus M is there, and I’d like to see her while I can.

So soon — let me get a few things done here and then I’ll head home.

That’s a fine plan.

Aren’t those tulips great? Nearly done, but most spectacular at the end.


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