I’m exhausted, lately, and it could be due to the change of seasons, or to a busier than usual calendar and the prospect of continued busyness, actually. N is graduating in May. Have I mentioned that? 50 times, maybe?

And M is home, which causes a certain kind of busyness, or rather distraction, I guess. We have things to do and foods to eat. Museums to visit and hills to climb.

In any case, I am feeling sort of scattered.

The day before yesterday I spent quite a bit of time researching Russian libraries. Yesterday I read this post about Taylor Mali and was sent down a rabbit hole of poets and families of poets. And has Wikipedia changed its policy on the biographical information it includes in its entries? Seems a bit slim — could just be the people I’m looking up, or maybe it’s a larger thing. Strangely, that is most often what I want to know — who married whom? who are their children? How did they end up being born in Lewiston, Maine? It turns out there was a substantial community of Jews from Eastern Europe who did settle in Lewiston, Maine. How interesting!

And Robert Pinksy, bless his heart, likes the east coast. Just so you know I’m not the only one.

M and I have a plan now to buy a farm in Maine. We’ll be bicoastal. We’ll keep the Berkeley house, and build a few houses on our farm in Maine. We’ll go back and forth at will. She will be an illustrator and I will be retired and I will feed her horses when she’s not in town, nevermind that I find horses large and terrifying, with large and terrifying teeth.

I have to say I’m looking forward to it.

Okay, I have stuff to do and I am not going to be distracted. You’ll see, or rather you will not see, and that’s how you’ll know.

We’re watching the Help tonight. I’ve changed my position and want to see it. Now I’m kind of excited.

Okay, I am going.


4 thoughts on “Scattered

    • Smug because it was pretty much as I expected? I read the book a while ago, but it seems to me that the book was more about Skeeter, and maybe funnier? and the maids were just sort of a plot device to get Skeeter out of Mississippi. My favorite character in the movie was Celia Foote. Also, I really loved her kitchen. Also, in the book, does Skeeter live in some big plantation down a dirt road? I liked the 50ies houses and cars and Jackson.

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