The state I’m in


I don’t know what this is. I looks like it might be related to miner’s lettuce.

Feeling slightly harassed. M leaves Saturday morning.

I haven’t unpacked the car yet because it’s been raining, so it’s full of dusty camping gear. One of the former housemates is coming over to watch War Horse tonight. We’ll make dinner, but I think M has already eaten with friends.

None of this sounds as irritating as it all feels. I’m sad that M is leaving and that colors everything, I think. And I feel like I have a ton of catching up to do everywhere, which is the result of going away for the weekend and of having children home.

So, there you have it. A vague state of annoyance with the world.

You know, I think the rain, much as we need it, is probably not helping.

(Post title for you, Harriet.)


2 thoughts on “The state I’m in

  1. I feel ya. I’m feeling harassed that as M comes back and everybody at the college is needing lots of stuff from me, my own daughter comes home. And the house is literally a wreck from a storm that dumped two inches of water in our basement, so we’re going to be under construction– with the gas turned off, so no hot water–for much of her first week here. So far, she hasn’t had one single break from college when she can come home and relax. There’s always an emergency.

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