Happy Spring!


It’s warmer here than yesterday, but sadly I’m not dressed for it.
I’m struggling through Russia House, which is not really le Carre’s best.
An interesting meeting this morning, a brief respite, a lengthy and possibly dull meeting this afternoon.

K is doing taxes and has taken over the entire dining room — and soon the entire house, because I see the creeping tendrils in the form of stacks of manila folders. The entire floor of the dining room is covered and occasionally I see a pile on the kitchen counter, or on a chair which has moved from its accustomed spot and is marching across the floor to the living room, or another chair in the living room, or on the hearth. I’ve given up on the dining room, but I think I have to beat back the outliers otherwise we won’t be able to eat or read, or watch television. I think this is actually his preferred filing system, and if it were left up to him we would live our lives in two square inches by the front door. April 1, which is apparently the financial aid deadline, can’t come quickly enough for me. I think he may feel otherwise, though.


2 thoughts on “Happy Spring!

  1. Ugh. I’ll be doing that when I get home. But I tend to hide with the taxes in the basement and put on videos of shows no one else likes. Also, that’s a beautiful picture.

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