It’s a lovely chilly rainy day. It’s finally raining here, and that’s a very good thing. Odd that it is now colder here than anywhere else. I’m enjoying it.

I’m sitting up in N’s room watching the rain come down. There’s a small flurry of activity at the church across the street. It’s a big church with a small congregation, but I think this activity might be drainage-related rather than ecclesiastical. Hmm. Hard to know what they’re looking at there in the flower beds. Now there’s some interest in the sign, and one woman is clearly pulling weeds. Ah, they’ve gone into the big hall. I think it might just be a work party, and a man is replacing the sign — I’ll let you know what the new message is.

I think it’s the kind of rain that you don’t notice much when you’re out in it, so I think I will take a walk to the public library.

K has finished the taxes, but now has to complete financial aid forms. I.e., folders on dining room floor must remain in situ.

I’m actually starting to enjoy Russia House. The theme this time is that the institutions are so corrupt (the British Intelligence having completely succumbed to the Americans) that the agent, who was never really an agent to begin with, has to break away completely to do what’s right. That’s kind of on the way to the Constant Gardener, isn’t it? There’s a scene where the Americans, who look like Mormons, force the British get rid of an analyst because he’s gay. The Americans look bad for suggesting it. The British look bad for going along with it. Judging by the current Republican primary race it would still happen — how did we become such a country of nincompoops? It’s like the scene in Love Actually where High Grant stands up to Billy Bob Thornton, except that her, of course, no one does. We’re not all like that, you know. Anyway, I think it’s more the way that Barley falls in love with Katya– the way that everyone falls in love with Katya — that’s unconvincing.

I’m thinking about a project. I’ve got two months till the girls come home. It’s a good amount of time, I think. Details as ideas take shape.

Still no news on the forthcoming Bible Lesson for the Week. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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