The camellia I planted last year, or maybe the year before, is blooming!

When I first moved here, I hated camellias. In the first place, they are everywhere, and many of them are ugly. They start to turn brown before they’ve fully bloomed, and they don’t have any scent. They disappointed me by not being roses.

At some point I started liking them, though. If you look around you can find varieties beyond the universal coral, and I started noticing that some bloom earlier than others, some have nicer leaves than others, some even do have a scent. We had one in the front yard, and I planted two in the back — one a lovely pale pink which has not bloomed, and this one, with its big yellow stamens and glossy leaves.

So, there’s that.

How did it get to be so late? I spent yesterday researching the early history of my neighborhood and now am off to look for a series of three houses built by a man for himself, his wife and his mistress. !!! Early pictures show houses like chalets built of redwood logs on the bare hillside. They look like something out of Heidi. Hard to imagine now, when everything is covered over with, among other things, camellias.

If I am lucky, I will not get caught in the rain.


4 thoughts on “Camellia

  1. I love camelias (and wisteria most of all – from your other photo). We had a camelia bush in my childhood home and while ours is gone, it’s brother is in the neighbor’s yard and its gorgeous. My current property has none but we do have a lilac which, despite being crushed half to death by the walnut tree last year, seems to be bouncing back and should bloom soon. It looks like a bite was taken out of it but it’s unconcerned.

  2. I envy you your enormous yard. See, you could plant a few camellias! What I am lusting after at the moment, though, is a dogwood. People do have them around here. They grew wild in Connecticut. I am trying to imagine just where I might put one — I think they are so very beautiful.

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