N texted me toward the end of last week, asking if we wanted to come visit her this coming weekend. And I do, but it seemed just too crazy to buy expensive plane tickets which would also involve one or two transfers to spend three days with her. Especially since we’ll see her in a few months.

So, responsibly I am not going, but I am really sad about it.

Instead I am going to plant kale and possibly go skiing.

I feel like an old person. Even three years ago I think I would have gone.


But here, she sent me this song, and now it can be stuck in your head as well.


5 thoughts on “So,

  1. Guess you didn’t ask my advice about coming because you knew what I’d have said! Especially because this is one of the only weekends in the entire year we have nowhere to go, no promises to keep…

    • No, it was N who wanted me to come. Her thesis is due on Friday, she leaves for a road trip on Wednesday, and she wanted me to come for the long weekend in between. I’m really sad that I’m not. I’ll be visiting your neck of the woods in a little more than a month, though.

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