It’s Friday. That’s a good thing.

I’m feeling miffed at all sorts of things. Or rather, I’m recovering from feeling miffed at all sorts of things. Occasionally things don’t go my way and it’s very hard not to feel put out about it. Things at work, other things at work, still other things at work (it’s been a rough week). It seems like there must be other things, too, though, for such an intense feeling. Oh, I interview kids for my college and this year the one that seemed least deserving was actually the one who got wait-listed. None got in. But honestly, since I don’t see their applications, I do not know the whole story. Still — miffed. (But really, there I’m just looking to be miffed.)

Anyway, I think I’ve been walking around with a chip on my shoulder for days, and somehow today I can feel it sliding off. Who cares, after all — it’s Friday and I’ve got the weekend ahead of me. I’ve got leeks and chard to plant. Also, my oldest child is finishing up her final project in college, and then she’s really done. I think part of my miffed feeling has been sympathetic worry for her, but it sounds like it’s going to be okay —

I’m really glad it’s Friday, though.


One thought on “Well

  1. ahh–I bet there’s palpable relief on the completion of the final project! You can vicariously share in her success, eh?

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