Gone skiing


It was hard to tear ourselves away because it’s spring here, and hard to imagine going skiing, but I planted the kale, chard, leeks and lettuce and we drove east three and a half hours to the place we use to go skiing when the kids were small. We haven’t been there for a few years, and every ski lift and run reminded me of being there with them when they were so small I worried they would fall off the lift. I remembered how exciting it was to finally find the green run easy and to be ready to go over the hill to the blue runs and the little lunch shack and the dinky ski lift in the trees. It felt like Narnia over there, and it was so exciting to ski to a place for lunch that you could only get to by skiing.

We went skiing earlier this season and it seemed that I had completely forgotten how to ski, but this place has lovely wide runs and it sort of came back. I think I might be done with downhill skiing, though. For a long time I was learning and wanted to get better, and that motivated me to go down runs I found terrifying. I can still go down those runs, but it feels like the terror is outweighing the satisfaction of being able to do it. Or maybe I just miss the girls egging me on. I can imagine moving on to cross-country skiing, though. It was a very nostalgic trip in any event. Even the drive up, though the delta and then the foothills of the Gold Country, seemed so familiar. We always did go in April. I remember celebrating Easter up there before. And in April the hills as you drive up are bright bright green and the herons are nesting up in trees. It’s a beautiful drive.

So now we are back. It’s raining, and Lucy was very glad to see us, and I’ve got a ton of work to do but I am so tired, and so pleasantly achy in a very satisfying way. I finished Winter’s Bone, which was actually in my mind the whole time I was skiing — skiing is good for thinking, I find — and I’m not sure if I liked the movie or the book better. The movie had a lovely visual simplicity, and Jennifer Lawrence was so good. The book might have a few week spots, but was maybe more complete. Now I’m reading the new Robert Massie biography of Catherine the Great, also good. Although kind of an old-fashioned sort of history, actually — all about Elizabeth and Catherine, and very little about where the money comes from, and what is actually going on in Russia at the time. Interesting.


Anyway, we’re back.

One thing I do love is being on top of mountains.


7 thoughts on “Gone skiing

  1. That’s a pretty good photo of you and K. It looks more like you in real life (squinting into the sun) than some photos do. Also, I note with amusement that although I wouldn’t say you and K look anything alike, with the sunsquints and similar glasses, there’s a resemblance.

  2. So…two things…
    firstly, I am SO impressed with the whole skiiing thing. You look terrific – so happy and healthy. I am really glad for you.
    secondly Winter’s Bone is my favourite movie of the past two years. It made such a strong impression on me. I saw it just before seeing the remake of True Grit and fell out with everyone because I preferred Winter’s Bone.

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