So —

So —

What a week! Out Monday and Tuesday to go skiing. Back Wednesday, and then out Thursday and Friday at a really interesting symposium on orphan works and copyright.

So now, having skipped lunch, I am barely alive and really might as well go home. And, I am just remembering, since my car is here in the garage I will not even need to walk there.

It was great, though. I’m not a lawyer, and a lot of the speakers were. It’s always fascinating to see how another discipline carves up reality — to see what the parameters are that they are bound by, and watch them move them around. One speaker suggested that instead of thinking about orphan works (which are works for whom the rights-holder is unknown or not located — i.e., the person who took that picture that you bought at a garage sale and now want to use as your album cover) as orphans, better to think of them as hostages, and then suddenly you have a whole new body of law to use to figure out how to deal with them.

It’s also always interesting to hear people talk about something they know a lot about and are interested in. (Well, some people.)

But now I’m tired and hungry, and I think I will go home.

Good night.


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