Catching up


I apologize for the inartful inclusion of my finger in this photo, but isn’t it a cool house? I’m worried that it’s falling apart. It’s exactly the sort of thing I would buy and save if I could. What do you think those hexagonal rooms are like inside?

I think I’ve been away a lot recently, or at least distracted, and the price is that I am at work today, inside, even though it is a beautiful day outside. So I won’t stay long — just enough to catch up, maybe even clear my desk. Just enough to remember what it is we’re doing lately.

Distracted, though, by the thought of how nice it is outside.

Lucky, we have plans for a walk tomorrow, and possibly a picnic.

Which means I should go to the grocery store.

Okay. I’m buckling down and taking care of things. Here goes. It’s going to be impressive.

Oh, here’s an interesting collection of things, actually. The article on scything is interesting, as is the linked video. (I have a very small meadow in my back yard. Hmm.) The article on the Far North is good, and the link to Georgian wine inexplicably takes you to a video of a train trip in the Russian far north which is quite interesting. You’re welcome.

All right, but now I’ve really got stuff to do.

One thought on “Catching up

  1. I had an elementary school friend who got to live in a bedroom inside a more rounded version of the turret on that house. It was interesting, but not half as cool-looking from the inside.

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