I tried to make up for spending Saturday buried in an underground office by spending most of Sunday outside. I become unhappy when I don’t have weekends. Last weekend we got ready to go skiing, which is nothing to complain about, but actually kind of is. This weekend I had to work to make up for skiing on Monday, and next weekend I’m going to Arizona to visit my elderly relatives and I’m actually kind of put out about it. I have a project I’m working on, and I can’t do it when I’m not home on Saturday. To be honest, I’m a little surprised how put out I am about it.

In any case, Sunday morning I made egg salad sandwiches (it must have been a seasonal desire) to take on a picnic. It started out a gloomy sort of day, unlike the day before, the buried day, but became sunny after all, and as we ate we watched a group of sandhill cranes wheeling in a thermal. As they went around, they were first invisible and then as bright as glass, white with black tipped wings. They were lovely.

We got home about three. I cleaned up a bit, read the paper outside, and finally dragged myself on a walk in the park at the top of the hill. The first two miles are boring, but then you are suddenly in open space and you can leave the paved path. I saw: a coyote hunting for mice; a cow who had become separated from his friends (but found them); a northern harrier, I think, hovering over the hillside; four California newts crossing the path. It’s their mating season, which causes them to cross paths.

What a day!

I think we are having a colder than usual spring, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I am not looking forward to going to Arizona, where it’s going to be 80 billion degrees. 80 billion degrees in April is not my idea of fun. Although, did you see this article in the NYT about the Amish vacationing in Florida? I guess if the Amish can handle it, I should be able to. (I just looked and it’s going to be 99 degrees! Who enjoys that? Oh misery!)

All right, let us return to that vernal pool at the top of this post, and the fact that the roses are budding but not yet blooming, and the newts who are crossing the paths, and the fact that visiting the elderly relatives can count as research for my project, and the fact that after that I’ll have two weeks at home before I’ll need to go get M.

I would like time to stop for a bit, but I guess that won’t happen.

In other news, N is driving around the South with friends. From the pictures, it looks lovely.


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