It turns out that my friend and colleague Margaret was walking where I was walking last Sunday, and furthermore it turns out that she has a blog. It also appears that her blog is out of date because it is about life without a car, and they now own a car (the very car, I’ll bet, that they used to drive up to the park in.) (Also, she knew I was there because she recognized my car.) (See, cars have their uses!)

Anyway. I am going to Arizona tomorrow, as I believe I have mentioned, and I don’t want to. In fact, there is all kinds of busyness coming up which has had me feeling sort of dire. I just laid it all out, though, and I guess I can handle it. Some of it is even fun. (Most of it, honestly.)

I came in this morning feeling annoyed by the world, but now I’m feeling a bit better.

I still don’t want to go to Arizona at all, but the good thing is that I am coming back on Saturday night, so it’s only two nights away. Maybe I’ll just hang out in the pool, although it’s heated to about 85 degrees for the old people.

Just me and the old people, hanging out in the 85 degree pool.

Ho hum.


6 thoughts on “Aha!

  1. The other thing that getting a car did was give us the freedom to drive up to the “park at the top of the hill” for a spontaneous after dinner walk. It was good to almost see you there. (Note to self: write final blog post announcing that car-free experiment is over.)

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