Cecile Brunner. It will eat houses if you let it.

I’m reading the second volume of the Hunger Games now. Here’s my objection — there’s something almost pornographic about the way Katniss’s romantic indecision is broadcast to the nation. It just feels creepy to me. In the second chapter she’s thinking over, in the presence of President Snow, a private moment with one of the boys which should have been private because it took place out in the woods. Then President Snow says, “”By the way, I know about the kiss.” Creepy. And stupid — the president doesn’t know or care who you are kissing. To construct a novel where the president knows or cares which boy you like is bizarre. Private happenings, viewed by others, ick.

My office is beginning to feel like a cave — here’s the day I do something about it.

Oh, and did you see this article about a rare books conservator finding a rare Paul Revere etching in the back of a book she was working on? Interesting story, but the writer should be shot. Really.


11 thoughts on “Monster

  1. I read the first book in that series and disliked it a lot. I can’t be bothered to read more.

    And how can something so lovely be wrong?

  2. I had seen the headline about the woman finding the etching, but I hadn’t read the story. Good grief. The writer is UNBEARABLE! I’d love to write a parody of his article and send it to him, but he’s not worth the investment of time or creativity. So, back to my proposal on glycobiology. Heyyy, maybe if I put a few things in quotation marks, add some exclamation points, and sprinkle a dusting of mysterious-sounding verbs, it will bring in the BIG bucks!

  3. I leave the Hunger Games books to Dusty. I’ll watch the movies (enjoyed the first one) but no interest in reading the books. She loves them and that’s all I need to know.

    That rose bush, however, is to DIE FOR.

    • I think the movie is actually better, because Jennifer Lawrence is a good actor AND because there’s no place in a movie for all the crap that goes through the main characters head. And yet I am reading them . . .

      • That the entire nation speculates about who Katniss has or wants to kiss is part of the dystopia. Can you imagine a worse kind of world for a 16-17 year old than that???

  4. Something should be done with that writer and his nelly descriptions, but shooting seems awfully quick and painless. Just a thought.

    My regards to Cecile Brunner, she’s gorgeous!

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