What a great weekend.

Saturday it was hot, very hot, and I went to the farmers’ market and then worked in the garden all day, periodically taking time off to sit in a chair outside and read Cold Comfort Farm, which was hilarious and wonderful. I can’t wait to see the movie, which from all accounts is also wonderful.


Saturday evening we walked downtown to see Moonrise Kingdom. More and more I appreciate that we can actually walk so many places from our house. There’s something very nice about a house with a garden in the city. Please, cafes and bookstores and movie theaters, do not close. But anyway, have you seen Moonrise Kingdom? It may be the most perfect movie ever made. It’s a Wes Anderson movie, and it feels like a Wes Anderson movie in that sort of stilted dialogue and huge cast of characters, but every piece of it is perfect, absolutely perfect. Also, it was filmed in Rhode Island, the most perfect state in the nation, in places I have been.


Sunday, I dragged M out of bed and we went on my birthday shopping trip to Annie’s Annuals. All the spring flowers in my yard are over, I’ve got a bunch of holes to fill and also, because I cut a huge branch off the plum tree, a few more sunny beds in my yard. So I was free to buy an enormous quantity of plants. Yay! N called K from Maine for father’s day. M and I made an enormous quantity of strawberry shortcake for the boat turning/father’s day/birthday party we went to at A and A’s. We went to the party, where we had the enormous pleasure of teaching a 9 year old girl and her father how to play hearts. Nine years old is probably the perfect age at which to learn to play that best of all card games. We stayed until quite late and had a lovely time.




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