It’s the sort of Sunday that was bound to be frustrating no matter what I did. I went to the nursery last weekend and got an enormous number of plants. I’ve actually planted a lot of them, and I’m doing it carefully and with thought to what I want where. I’ve made a new bed in the back yard, and I’ve also expanded the vegetable bed. I’ve got at least half of them planted, and I should feel satisfied, and in fact I do, except that I’d also wanted to use the day to:

  • hang out the laundry
  • take a nap
  • read a book
  • clean the kitchen
  • go grocery shopping
  • make a lentil salad or something that I can take to work for lunch next week
  • construct two lawn chairs
  • sit on the lawn chairs
  • make plum jam

There was never any way that even an eighth of that was practical, but it all feels pressing.

I think I may give the rest of the plants a good watering and leave them for another day. I really do have to go to the grocery store. I could take a little rest, read my book, take a shower and then go to the grocery store and make the salad when I get back. That’s reasonable.

I am very tired.


4 thoughts on “planting

    • I realized that the problem was that I wanted both to get a lot of things done and also to do nothing, and that it wasn’t really possible to do both — at least at the same time. But I did take a nap. It was lovely.

  1. I love reading the words “hang out the laundry.” Just reading them conjures up the sight and sound of laundry flapping in the breeze.

    Your list scares me, though. Except the nap and the sitting. No wonder you’re very tired!

    • I ended up taking a nap, making the salad, eating it with the chicken K brought home from the store. then I took a shower and read until bed. I went to the grocery store this morning. It all worked out.

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