Lentil salad

Back at work. Just ate the lentil salad. Yum.

I dragged M around the garden this morning so she could admire all I’d done — since she was a major reason (she came to the nursery with me) that there were so many plants in the first place.

In the end, yesterday was a satisfying day after all. When I could garden no more I came in and took a nap, then made the salad, leaving out all ingredients we did not have in the house. K called and we agreed he would pick up a roasted chicken on the way home, which we ate with the salad. After dinner I took a shower and read the book I was then in the middle of — The Ape in the Tree: An Intellectual and Natural History of Proconsul — which is fascinating. The story of this early ape is interesting in itself, but the story of how they figured out the story of the ape, and the book is about both, is even more interesting. M had been at the Pride parade all day and returned at about 9:30, looking sun-burned and worn out. I read until 11 and then went to bed.

So that is the story of yesterday.

I’ll let you know about today tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Lentil salad

  1. I want to know what recipe you used for the lentil salad–we do like lentils a lot and it’s nice that they’re both cheap and healthy.

    • essentially, you cook a cup and a half of lentils, then you toss them with oil, vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper, and then add a few tablespoons of capers, and of chopped pickles, and a tablespoon of chives and a fair amount (half a cup?) of chopped Italian parsley.

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