We made jam!


Former Houseguest picked the plums, then we watched Jeopardy, then we made jam! 5.5 quarts of fruit yielded about 7 jars. Tasty, too.

And it’s the end of the week. M has survived her three 8 hour-straight days of art classes at the community college. It was a gamble — they were really cheap — but it’s paid off. She’s in awe of the other students and working hard in both classes. I survived four retirement parties, three pleasant and one dire, plus went to a baseball game AND made jam, in addition to keeping two flats of unplanted flowers alive and going to the art store twice.

This weekend: planting the remaining flowers; going to the free day at the Oakland Museum (Daniel Clowes exhibit, plus California art); another batch of jam? there are more plums . . . ; maybe a hike? If it’s hot, it might be nice to go to the ocean . . .

We shall see.

Not sure why, but I seem to have recovered from my lethal exhaustion. Thank god.


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