Falling into place


Phew. I am happy for this day off in the middle of the week.

I sat in bed this morning looking over the maps and descriptions for the Connecticut portion of the Appalachian Trail.

[Wait — I am sitting in the kitchen, now, listening to a really interesting linguist on the local radio station’s normally annoying cultural program. Who is it? Stupid host, tell me who it is! I think it may be the woman who studied that language where everyone describes left and right as north and south. Also, it has taken half an hour for my laptop to boot up. Okay, she works at Stanford, and I missed her name. Ah — Lera Boroditsky]

Anyway, looking over the maps, I see that we will have to hike over 10 miles a day, with packs, to finish the CT portion in four days. I’m not sure that’s actually realistic. Were I in any kind of shape, yes, I see that it would be possible. I’m not sure that I am, though. Hmm. So I think we should alter it, and hike what we can. You can only camp at specific spots, but we can tailor it to be possible. Another, possibly more interesting, option is to bail on the Connecticut section, which is likely to be hot and kind of boring, and go hike in New Hampshire. Hmm.

There is another issue which is that I know that L’s sister is thinking that we really are not going to do this, in particular that I am going to be a flake, so I am determined to not be a flake at all. We really have to do this.

Anyway, I am also figuring out how to fit all the days together. If my mother comes and spends a night with me in Boston on Tuesday, I can meet up with L on Wednesday and we can get ready to go — planning to start hiking on Thursday. We can hike Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday and I can then go up to Maine to see N on Monday and Tuesday, even Wednesday. She sent me a list of apartments she’s looking at in Portland for the fall. It suddenly seemed very exciting — it’s kind of an adventure, that first apartment after college.

So, after a bit of reflection it does not seem impossible. We don’t have to take M to Ohio until the end of August, so I will even have a few weeks from when I get back till when I have to fly again. We’ll go through Pittsburgh again to see K’s mother.


[Now the annoying host is talking to an interesting guy who records natural sounds. Also fascinating. Tracking sounds of spring from south to north.]

Now I am trying to balance what I am going to do today. Hike, I think, and get the rest of the flowers planted, and maybe that’s it. K is at the office and M, still asleep, has drawings to finish, so neither of them is going to be any fun. On the other hand, that leaves me to entertain myself. I have to admit I am enjoying this quiet morning.

Okay — off to do something. Shower, I think.


3 thoughts on “Falling into place

  1. I vote for the New Hampshire portion. I’ve hiked that before and it was gorgeous. It was also very hot and much was shaded and there were quite a lot of streams to cool off in.

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