The hardest part


I think I am pulling things together. I put together my conference schedule — I believe I mentioned that yesterday — and I’m meeting Joy for lunch. I spoke to Lynn, who, it turns out is also worried about hiking more than 8 miles a day. We’re probably hiking in Maine, not Connecticut, and N may be joining us, and my mother has been informed that I may only see her briefly and she even offered to come pick me up after the conference which is actually really helpful.

I need to figure out when I’m leaving to come home and where I’m leaving from and whether I’ll need to rent a car, and where exactly we are hiking, but in general it seems like a manageable amount of unknowns.

I’m getting a lot of the administrative stuff I need to do for the conference and the year after under control. It’s the sort of stuff you put off and put off until you are having nightmares about it, and then it takes about three hours to actually do.

So, travel-related anxiety battled to a standstill a week and a half ahead of time. Go me.

I am interested in Lynn’s plan — to lose ten pounds before we go in order to be able to bring ten extra pounds of something good, like chocolate, along. It’s worth considering. (Who am I kidding?)

I’m considering the purchase of some weightless clothing.

I’m actually starting to get a little bit excited about the whole thing. Five days in Boston, conferring and eating well (ahem). A day in between at my mother’s house. Four days hiking in Maine with my best friend. (Experience tells me we will hate each other for these four days but it will not affect our friendship, which is good because there is no one else who will do things like this with me.) Some unspecified time hanging around Maine with beloved daughter N. Home to K and M.

Yes, I am excited.

(That is my pack up there. Don’t you think the little yellow flower makes it look delicate and ten pounds lighter?) (And no, lying on that porch swing reading about the trails of Maine would not be the same. It is tempting, though.) (Also, have you seen pictures of the Knife-edge trail that goes up Mt. Katahdin? It looks terrifying. We are not doing that.)


3 thoughts on “The hardest part

  1. We can do hiking warm-ups at lunch. This could entail running the stairs in the Copley Place Mall, for example. Or just riding the escalators several times in a row.

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