What a day!

In the first place, I am still sick. I mean, I’m better, but still prone to coughing fits. I’m leaving to go home soon and lie prone on the couch for a while.

It seems like it’s been a very long day, too. It starting with having to run around the house collecting paper and then drag the bins out to the street and continued when I got accosted by the bike lane proponents and then had to run to catch up with M, who wisely ignored them. At work I read a dense document, wolfed down a salad, participated in a disturbing webinar, and then had a gloomy budget meeting.

Partly it’s the build-up to going away, and the need to force all ducks into rows for that. I don’t know if all professions are like this, but in mine we spend an inordinate amount of time and energy on committees fixing things just so only to have the next iteration of the committee completely undo it so the the third iteration can redo what you did the first time. We’re in the undoing phase right now, which is disturbing to me because I worked very hard with the fixing committee some years ago. It does no good to tell them, “But we tried that! It doesn’t work! Here are the reasons!” They just look at you patiently, you poor obstructionist you. I’m trying to work out how much I should care. One part of me is figuring out how I can make it onto the committee to fix what’s being dismantled, and another part of me is thinking about what else I could do with my Julys if I never attended this blasted meeting again.

I’m sure it’s nowhere near as dire as I’m making it out to be. (Well, actually, I’m not.)

And then the budget, well, the budget is never fun.

All right — I am heading home, now. The sofa is calling and I am heeding its call.

See you tomorrow . . .


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