• Too hurried this morning to eat breakfast at home, so I am eating oatmeal from the cafe. It’s delicious, if you remember to order it without raisins. It has lots of seeds in it and maybe cardamom. Yum.
  • I have a blister the size of Wyoming on the back of my heel. My feet are my Achilles heel, if you will. And because I have a blister on my heel, I have to wear backless shoes to work which are not great for walking in. I hobble along, hoping I won’t twist an ankle or break my neck. It’s going to heal soon, right?
  • It has been great having the nephew and his friend here. They’re a lot of fun, even though they do insist on calling the city near me “San Fran” (do not call it that, ever) and they worry about going to the other city near me for fear it is dangerous. I think they ran into a retired cop somewhere who scared them. After a few days of finding SF dirty, foggy, cold and full of homeless people (all true, and yet also heartbreakingly beautiful), they managed to speak to a youth somewhere who gave them a secret list of bars to go to. They headed off last night after dinner, consulting a paper napkin. I hope they had fun.  In their defense, it has been cold and foggy, and they’d been traveling for two weeks when they got here, so I think they just needed to recuperate.
  • While it has been wonderful having them here, I am an old person and can’t keep up. I really need to go to bed at 9 some nights. Also, I am fretting about laundry and meals for K and M and backpacking equipment. So I’m slightly relieved that they’re heading out for points south today. I can only say this because I know they will never read it. Really, they are lovely.  And yes, K and M can feed themselves —  I just need to worry about it before a while before I come to that conclusion. And put a meatloaf and some spaghetti sauce in the freezer and buy a couple gallons of milk.

5 thoughts on “Today

  1. Ouch on the heel blister. Those are not fun. Don’t put the duct tape ON your heel if you choose to go Lemming’s route for padding 🙂

    I’m with you. I need a lot of sleep and I get up early and that means I go to bed early. My family all knows (and laughs at me for it). I’m OK with that, as long as I get my sleep.

  2. i too have a dreadful blister – but those special blister band aids are amazing. they’re worth buying.

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