I’ve really been enjoying my time in Boston.


It’s been a good conference. It makes such a difference to have the kids grown. I’ve still been on call for M (“what sort of thing should I use to melt the butter for my artichoke?”), but it is so much easier to focus on work now, and to be able to be prepared enough to not feel constantly one step behind.


It also helps that I am now one of the old people here. I realized that other people now see me as an experienced old person, the way I used to see all the people who have now retired. Odd.


I didn’t stay in the conference hotel because I was trying to save money. I go back and forth about this. It’s nice to be able to roll out of bed and take the elevator to the meetings. But it’s also nice to have an excuse to walk through the city, often at odd hours.


This time I have really enjoyed that. The weather has been perfect. We’re close to a lively shopping street, and I walk home through crowds of people in their summer dresses and shorts strolling the streets. Crowds of people — college kids, families with little kids, people speaking French — it’s wonderful. That is a thing I miss about a warm summer — that lovely languid feeling of being outside late at night in the warm night.


Anyway, I’m packing up to go now, even though I’m here through the evening.


I’ve had a good time.


3 thoughts on “Boston

  1. I’m amazed (and pleased) you got that warm summer night feeling in Boston. I miss it since I moved north. Of course, your measure for “warm” may be lower than mine! I got just the kind of dose of it I have longed for when we walked around Savannah after dark.

  2. Boston has had a really hot summer–I am positive RG might even have perspired a bit! Love seeing the pictures esp because I know where you took them. That makes them even better, almost like a little secret I have.

  3. I am feeling happy. Nice lunch with Joy, warm feelings toward colleagues I have known for 20 years, prospect of adventure with two of my favorite people, summer evening thunderstorm now at my mother’s house. Contentment.

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