All the way to Canada


All right.

I’ve got to get better at this snapping back into it after time away thing. I did sleep until 6:20 this morning, which is perfectly acceptable. I woke up in a panic, though, since it felt like it was about 9. Which it kind of was.

I also fell asleep last night trying to watch the Olympics. M wanted me to stay up with her, and I really tried. I finally stretched my sleeping bag out on the floor and fell asleep insisting I was really awake.

It’s nearly the weekend, though, thank god.

I’m wearing the agate necklace my mother bought me at the mall near the convention center. The woman who ran the little stand said they are good luck. Everyone can use good luck, I think.

I’m really missing the warm summer feeling I had in Boston, and the lazy wildflowers, Queen Anne’s lace and black-eyed Susans, of the countryside in Maine. It’s a very rural place, I am realizing, and it reminds me quite a bit of Minnesota, where I always spent my summers growing up, only with mountains and an ocean and better ice cream. It’s the kind of place where dirt roads lead to secret lakeside cabins in the summer. It has the feeling of being pretty far north, too, which I think comes from the long days.

I wish I could have stayed a bit longer, and yet I’m glad to be back, too.

I actually feel like I did not get enough swimming in, despite being close to many great swimming places. Definitely something to improve upon next time.

Not quite enough ice cream, either.


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