Tomales Point


I wanted to go on a long hike yesterday, just to reassure myself that I could. So M, the Houseguest and I set out, later than planned, for Tomales Point. It’s a 9.4 miles hike roundtrip with a few little ups and downs to keep things interesting. It’s also famous for being the place a herd of Tule elk live.

We set out in deep fog, which was a little sad because it does have tremendous views. But it’s the foggy time of year. We were just finishing up our lunch when my friend Eileen came over the hill, and as we were talking the fog suddenly lifted and we could see all the way to the point.

We made it all the way, which I have never done before — I think because I’ve always hiked it in winter before when the sun sets earlier. But it’s definitely worth it to get out to the end.

We saw some elk — this time of year all the bachelor elk hang out around the lake. More excitingly, we saw a badger! I came around a corner and heard hissing. I looked down, expecting a mountain lion (my perennial fear is that I’m going to be eaten by a mountain lion) or, seeing it was smaller, maybe a bobcat — but it was a badger. I recognized it instantly because M drew one for her drawing class. It was smaller and blonder than I had expected, but with the distinctively stripey face and bad temper.

Anyway, now I am back at work for real. Ugh. And we are making plans to take M back to college, and while there, to help clear out K’s mother’s house. Endings and beginnings.

Also, the kitten N is catsitting for is missing, which has me wanting to fly out and help her find it. Ridiculous, I know, but there it is.



5 thoughts on “Tomales Point

  1. very cool wildlife sighting! I mean the elk are cool and all, but badger are not that common around here, so that’s an exciting encounter!

  2. For once I’m not jealous of your gorgeous pictures of the Pacific–we’re planning a trip to the coast while we’re on your side of the country. And perhaps you’ll have time for a drink in Ohio between moving M and K’s mother?

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