It’s not just me —


Everybody’s cranky.

A coworker just came in and complained about the state of the office kitchen.

Anyway . . .

I went home last night and M’s friend MT was there, harassing M for still being in pajamas at 6:00 in the evening. M has been enjoying her free time — she’s been reading a book a day, drawing a lot. Today she says she’s going to watercolor. I’ve even got her emptying the dishwasher and going to the grocery store.

So she’s not cranky.

We made chicken tacos, using N’s recipe, and then we taught MT how to play hearts and she played it in a way that wreaked havoc with all our carefully strategy, honed over years of play. Also, it’s hard to play with three people — too many cards. I love hearts —

At one point in the evening, the girls’ friend S called, wanting them to come hang out with some boys. They talked it over — they didn’t know one boy, and they were tired of the other. Apparently he talks too much — he makes a point, you concede, and then he keeps arguing the point. So they told S they didn’t feel like being social.


MT did extract a promise from M to actually get dressed today and go out and do something with her. We’ll see.


10 thoughts on “It’s not just me —

    • I think you would remember it fairly quickly. Although we used to play gin rummy when I was little, and I can’t seem to find rules for that that seem anything like what we used to play.

    • Oh god. The administrative assistant person is having a war with the rest of us, who do not request paper towels on a timely basis. (Apparently she can’t just estimate when we might need them and order accordingly.) And we have a clean-up rota, but some people are better than others, and this seems to be a month that has three pretty useless people. You know — the usual nonsense.

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