State of things


Looking back on it, a rather excellent weekend.

  • We rather reluctantly attended two social events which both turned out to be a great deal of fun.
  • I finally looked outside. The vegetables are not doing well, but the flowers are.
  • Hearing that my friends A and A have hired a house cleaner, which sounds like such a good idea, I decided to clean our house on the theory that if we ever hired a house cleaner, we’d have to do a certain amount of cleaning before they ever came in the door. As you might expect, having a cleaner house is really pleasant. Also, I think it makes it easier to see if any of K’s parents’ furniture would actually fit. We’re at sort of an impasse about it. For reasons both sentimental and aesthetic, I think it would be nice if we did take some of it, but K doesn’t seem to even want to think about it. He’s not really a furniture person. In fact, he told me, “I don’t want to have any furniture at all!” Which is probably true — he probably would be happier with empty rooms. Although he does sit on the couch, I’ve noticed. So sort of up in the air about that . . . but the house is a lot cleaner.
  • One of the social events featured a bonfire — always good.
  • At the other social event I talked to a woman who makes her living consulting with organizations about how to get them to act collaboratively. It’s always fun to talk to her about my organization, just because she’s interested (I think – if not, I certainly bored her) and also because she understands it. What we decided was that in the current period of retrenchment, what we need is someone saying, “this is the positive goal we are working toward,” rather than, as seems to be the case, a general feeling that as resources are reduced, the best thing anyone can do is to fight viciously so as not to be left with the least. Of course, where would we find such a heroic person?
  • NBC continued their campaign of botching everything by cutting Ray Davies from the closing ceremony. I knew we should have just watched it online.
  • From my bedroom this morning I could see both the dumbo-eared rudbeckia (mine are not flowering, and I wonder if they ever will, but the leaves are beautiful) looking healthy and watered at the back of the yard, plus a tree in my neighbor’s backyard that is beginning to turn. That’s where we are, summer-wise — still in it, but beginning to see the end. I often really like this part of summer — if you do it right, you feel sated with summer and slightly ready for fall. I’m not sure about this summer. I think summer happiness for me means lots of time on the water, and for a variety of reasons, all caused by me, that hasn’t been this summer. But — it’s not over yet.
  • Blackberries. Related to the previous item, I think it must be time for blackberries to be ripe, and there is nothing better in the world than blackberry cobbler. I think it’s time to go looking.
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