Can you stand two more?


I really like these — even the crud on the windshield. (Is that what it’s called? Suddenly I can’t remember — windscreen?)

I think I like this even better:


The paper towel wars continue in our office. The person responsible wants to be told only by certain people that we are nearly out of towels. Basically what she wants is to be throwing a fit, and she’s successfully doing that. Basically I think people are worried about the budget. Much easier to focus on the paper towels.

Ho hum.

M and I are going to see Beasts of the Southern Wild tonight, which I now see is not playing anywhere close anymore. We can make an outing of it.

And I’ve been reading Sabriel and now Abhorsen. Those books are so good at creating a sense of place, and also characters. Perhaps a bit too short —

That’s the news.


5 thoughts on “Can you stand two more?

  1. We just saw “Beasts…” at the California downtown (it’s still there, unless of course, the outing is part of the point!) 😉 As we see 1-2 movies a year, tops, we only want to see “good ones,” and we all thought this was certainly the case with this one. A wild ride, for sure–I hope you 2 like it!

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