Long weekend



One more week of having M home. It was hard to get used to having her here, and now it’s going to be really hard to get used to having her gone again.

But let’s not speak of that.

We’ve been reading Sarah Dessen books. She’s a novelist who writes young adult books about girls in high school. Either they are going out with a bad boy, and it takes them the length of the book to realize they don’t have to do that, or they are not going out with a good boy, and it takes them the length of the book to realize that they could. They have some kind of complicated family situation — father dies/father left/mother left — but they are good kids and do have good family members, although it takes them a while to see that, and they often have good friends. They drink Zip Cola, and often you will see characters from one novel cross the stage in another novel. They’re really good. If I do purge many many books from my personal library, I will keep these because they are great to reread during the summer.

We ate outside at my brother’s house last night, after a weekend of gardening and reading. Very nice. There’s a new guy he likes who we think we like, too. I made lemon bars with lemons from the garden, and they were delicious.

M and her friends keep coming and going. I’d forgotten that feeling — she goes out and comes back. You wake up and there are three friends sleeping over. We quickly make waffles for MT while she waits for her grandparents to pick her up for church. Activity not of your own making goes on here and there.

Word came from N, who sounds happy again. She will stay in Maine for the year, but move down to a bigger city with a friend. One job will end, but the other will grow. She wondered if she really should move to Portland, which will mean a commute but will be a livelier place to live. We agreed that she should. She’s found an apartment that she likes. The friend she’s moving with is from Maine, so will know people. She’ll be closer to Boston, and my mother. Then she’ll come home for a few months before going far far away. She’s got a plan. It all sounds good.

And I’ve figured out my week. I am not going to hike the AT in Pennsylvania with Lynn. Neither one of us really had the time, and I’m glad to have one last weekend at home with M. I’ve got plans for the garden, too. This is really the time to plant around here — just before the rainy season. K really is thinking of our trip to PA as vacation — he mentioned that we will be able to hear crickets at night. So, I’ll think about it as vacation, too. I’ll be we can find a lake to swim in — I know we go by several in Ohio.

I’ll bring my suit.


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