Tipping point


We’re getting down to the final things to do with M before she goes. We have museums to visit and shoes to buy. She’s got friends to visit. She’s rethinking the classes she’s signed up for. I think she’s ready for the year ahead.

We’re making plans, too, for the part of the year when she won’t be here. It’s funny — it takes a while to be ready to do that, but then when you are ready, it feels good. We’ve got plans to go kayaking, to have dinner with my brother’s family. My sister and mother are coming, and we’ll go visit M. It feels action-packed, all of a sudden, and that seems okay. I’ve got garden plans, too. And it’s a tremendous relief that N seems happy.

Some friends of ours say, “You’re only as happy as your least happy child,” and I think that is true.

But everyone seems good, for the moment. All systems go.

All right. That’s settled. And now I have to clean off my desk at work.

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