Fall planting

I keep getting messages from a garden company urging me to plant things now, and I really am tempted. When I get back from Pittsburgh. I think I may even make the vegetable bed bigger, with room for asparagus.

Now really is the time to plant stuff here, odd as that may seem.


Also, I thought I should tell you that these hollyhocks are something of a mystery. Many years ago, someone planted a few hollyhocks, luscious deep red ones, in a bed outside the Optometry School. Over the years, the few hollyhocks spread and now they have pretty much taken over the bed from the false jasmine and butterfly iris that the campus thought should be there (very boring). And the colors have changed — there are still a few red ones, but also white, pink, and everything in between. I love them.

Also, a picture of my staircase with its new staircase basket.


A gift from my brother, because obviously we needed more encouragement to leave things on the stairs.


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