Zinnia season


So —

So, I’m back, and there are packages to mail, work to catch up on, apples to pick and make into sauce.

None of this do I really feel like doing, but I guess it will do. As, you know, something to keep me busy.

Actually, I can’t wait for the weekend. I think I’ll go for a hike. A Facebook acquaintance who is not very much younger than I am has been posting about her hikes. She can walk a lot farther than I can. I’ve got to catch up! It’s embarrassing!

Also, did you see Clinton’s speech? God, do I miss him. He’s a genius.

Okay — got to go.


7 thoughts on “Zinnia season

  1. At the end of Clinton’s speech, I turned to Pam and said, “That was like watching someone take batting practice off a tee.” She wondered what I meant. “He took every Republican argument, put it on a tee, and then hit it over the Green Monster.” Really a thing of beauty.

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