The sort of day


I’ve been busy all day long, although in a good way, I guess. I went to the running shoe store for people with problem feet, like me, and got a new pair of trail shoes that are good for people with plantar faschiitis and toes that like a bit of freedom in their shoe. He did not think that was crazy — he said that was good, and the way toes are supposed to be. Who knew? So now I have a lurid new pair of turquoise trail shoes that are really comfortable. We shall see, though — pretty much anything can give me blisters.

I had lunch with the ex-house guest and we strategized about how to help her boss rid herself of a problem employee. Since the boss’s boss is not doing much to help the boss, I think it’s an impossible situation and the boss is likely to be stuck with the problem for the foreseeable future. Still, interesting to talk about.

I went to the package store (funny, in Connecticut that also means liquor store — is that universal?) to get a box to mail M her helmet, which she needs by Wednesday. They were going to change me $80 to get it there using the USPS, so I bought the box and went down to the USPS where they were able to get the box there by Monday for $20. Hmmm. Plus I got some baseball player stamps for K, which was very kind of me.

Now I’m back in my office doing a task we normally pay students considerably less than I make to do, but since we can’t afford students anymore, I guess it’s me. Okay — I am hoping this does not last forever.

Up above is a picture of the Bible men. They come around at the beginning of the year to hand out Bibles. I feel sort of kindly toward them — to my way of thinking they’re handing out works of literature, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I wish they’d shake it up now and then and hand out Shakespeare or Beowulf or Gawain and the Green Knight or Portrait of a Lady or the Faerie Queene. People should be exposed to more classic literature, I do believe. Maybe I’ll tell them that on Monday.


6 thoughts on “The sort of day

  1. Ha! Yeah, it would be nice if old men were handing out copies of Beowulf or even Grendel! What kind of shoes did you get. I have a cheap pair of walking shoes but my toes always get squinched. I thought that was just how it was but maybe not?

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