This morning


On my way to the post office, to mail N the hooks she mistakenly had sent to me, I saw:

2 women with large bandages, one on her foot (under her nylons, in sensible heels) and one on her knee. The latter was much younger, with no nylons and a short skirt.

2 women on the bus, comparing their bright plastic glasses.

1 woman in a large quilted coat — what will she do at noon when it’s 75 degrees?

Lots of people outside the hardware store, including a man in a suit with two large brooms, and another man, not old, who told me he remembered when the train set was much larger.

The bus was packed, but this time people moved to the back to let more on, and halfway up the hill the busdriver started letting people in the back door, where there was more room. What a good idea — they’re all students anyway, who ride for free.

We have made it to Friday at last.


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