Busy, busy


It’s getting cold here!

I had to go back inside and get a coat this morning. Of course, it will be hot this afternoon again, but it really feels like fall!

I have a thousand things to do, though, both at home and at work.

Which is why I am thinking about Mitten School and mountain climbing. Want to come with?

7 thoughts on “Busy, busy

  1. I think I would do poorly at both mitten school (kitten school, maybe) and mountain climbing. I did walk to a cemetery today and worked up a bit of a sweat but the land was flat.

  2. I have tried knitting three times in my life. I am quite skilled at adding stitches, so that my “scarf” grows bigger as I knit it. I gave it all up for the last time four years ago. I’ll stick with sewing.

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