So —


A long weekend.

I cleaned out the basement.

It turned out that in order for K to clear the files off the floor in the dining room, a path needed to be cleared from the basement door to the file cabinets in the basement. It’s lovely now — the paper products are all on a shelf inside the door; the gardening stuff is all in the gardening stuff corner. You can actually see the surface of the workbench, and all the bicycle stuff is together, too. There is more to do — the camping gear is not arranged as well as it could be, and I suspect there’s a lot more that could be thrown away, but it was unbelievably pleasant this morning to want to cut a rose to bring inside and to open the basement door and find the clippers right where they ought to be, and not to have a bicycle bark my shin when I reached for them.

I thought some more about the best placement of grasses and flowers in the backyard. Wavered on the path issue — thinking maybe large stepping stones instead.

We got texts. M sent a picture of the plans for her life sized cow sculpture, and picture of the view out the new art building of clouds and trees after a big rain. N send a picture of an artistic lettuce planting. She was manning a booth at the Common Ground Country Fair, which sounded like fun. Draft horses and sheepdog trials and apple cider doughnuts.

My brother and his new romantic interest came to dinner on Sunday, bringing a double bed for N’s room, which meant I had to clear our her room to make room for it, which I did. The bed looks good, but I think there’s still too much furniture in the room. Still thinking about that. I also cleared out M’s room and vacuumed up unbelievable amounts of dust. She’s got stacks of paintings and drawings and papers and sketchbooks. I took them all out and vacuumed behind them. I moved the bed, which was hemmed in with portfolios and stacks of Vogue magazine, and vacuumed behind it. There’s still a huge heap of stuff to be put back somewhere, but it’s better.

I went for a walk with A and A. It was hot! and dry. It’s that time of year. We talked about paint colors. A and A are painting their bathroom. My neighbors are painting their trim — I came home and talked about paint colors with them, too. (They’re highlighting the egg and dart trim on their door, which is of course identical to our door, with gold paint. It looks really nice. Now I want to do ours, too! Of course, I cannot.)

I went to the grocery store. It seemed we had no food at all. I bought a lot of food.

I made chili and cleaned off the kitchen table. I vacuumed the downstairs. I changed the cat litter. By the time my brother arrived, the chili was simmering. I made the cornbread while K and D put the new bed together. By the time the new boyfriend arrived the kitchen was fairly civilized. They ate chips while I unloaded the dishwasher. He and K made the salad and we ate. It was good!


I think we like him — he cooks, and talks, but not too much.

We made plans for what to do for the grand visit — my mother and sister are coming soon for a longish stay.

We had the most delicious lemon cookie ice cream for dessert. The boys left. K and I read the paper in great tiredness, and when we went up to bed it was lovely that the huge pile of crap that has occupied the middle of the bedroom floor for months was no longer there.

I’m thinking about re-painting the bedroom. It’s green now, but there’s a nicer, greyer green in the study — either that, or just a soft grey.

So that’s that.


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