Things of interest


Phew — the upstairs is clean-ish. The downstairs is at least not deadly. My mother is coming to visit today, then leaving for the weekend, then coming back on Sunday. My sister arrives next Thursday and everyone leaves the Tuesday after. This has sparked a fit of cleaning, but it had to happen in any case — the kids are mostly not living at home, which changes things, and we’ve lived in our house exactly 6 years now, which seems to be just the amount of time to realize where things should be put, and which things, brought along from the old house, really ought to go. I’ve developed a plan, too, for the awkward corner of the kitchen. Apparently we can do nothing about this plan until M graduates from college, however there is some comfort in thinking that eventually the lightbulbs will have a better place to be than in the closet under the stairs behind the toolbox, the vacuum cleaner, and the tennis rackets. I think I will tell K this — it may change his mind about how long we need to wait.

M took this picture — isn’t it lovely? It’s from her print-making studio.

I’m thinking about Saturday. I suppose I should keep cleaning, but really I think I’m going to go for a long hike. I’ve got a 10 mile loop mapped out. I’ve got to catch up with my nemesis — the woman my age who can hike 13 miles a day with a backpack and up a mountain. I know I can do it — so I’m on a mission.

Sunday — gardening.

Okay — got to go.


7 thoughts on “Things of interest

  1. Aren’t you glad you moved to “town” six years back (ahard to believe it’s been that long??) Do spill on the 10 mile route! 😉

  2. I am so glad — at the very least just because I hardly ever drive anymore. Okay — I’m going out the Nimitz trail to the Conlon Trail and then cutting up — something — back to the Nimitz — Tilden/Wildcat Canyon. Easy, right?

    • Yes, you weren’t exactly as handy to where you work before (among other things, perhaps?) The route sounds ambitions, but doable. If you really start wanting to train (which I sure as *#%^ need to do someday soon) a friend suggested lugging around many water bottles in the pack, which you can dump out along the way (or drink!) as the enrgy level falls…. were it not for near-constant weekend soccer games, I’d (maybe) be as ambitious as you!

      • We were handy to pretty much nothing. It was nice out there, though. That’s a good idea — first I have to see what it feels like to do it at all, but if I survive, I may start lugging water bottles around. I know what you mean — I’m a testament to the fact that there is life again after the kids grown up. It is very sad, of course, but the upside is that you get your weekends back!

      • Life after the kids have grown up seems a long way from here, but I’ll take it on faith that getting one’s weekend back is worth the wait. You make a pretty positive testament to making the most of your regained time!

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