Having no pictures of my own these days,


I’ve taken to stealing them from my kids.

M is currently making a life-sized cow for her sculpture class. Before they started the project, the class went on a field trip to see what cows actually look like — not hard to find cows in rural Ohio. This one’s my favorite.

I worked on a dairy farm one summer. It’s kind of surprising what cows are really like. Sometimes they’d run around their field for no reason at all — they’re not always as staid as you might imagine.

My mother arrived. We walked down the street to get wine at the great wine store where nothing costs more than $20 and they can tell you what to buy to eat with Indian food. The answer was a dry Riesling. We got three bottles, but not all Riesling. We stopped at the drug store for a few things, then wandered back through the farmers market, where we got some bread, pasta, tomatoes, a few amazing pears and two plums. We ordered takeout at the Indian restaurant. They let us rest at a table with all our bundles while we waited, and then we walked home.

It’s kind of fun to impress people with my neighborhood.

We sat on the couch and watched Rachel Maddow as we ate. No kids at home can mean we no longer need to pretend to be civilized.

I took her this morning to the festivities at her old college. She’ll be there a few days, and then back. She seemed both happy and worried about seeing her old friends, which I suppose is the way it always is at those things.

Tonight I will go home, collapse on the sofa and eat leftovers. Hooray!


4 thoughts on “Having no pictures of my own these days,

  1. Read Animals Make Us Human. GREAT book and it covers all sorts of animals. I got it from Jeanne but per her instructions passed it on to someone else or I would send it to you.

  2. That is one funny looking cow – at first glance, I thought another animal’s face had been grafted on.

    I just read an excellent piece about pigs, by Tamar Haspel: “But, if you’re a carnivore, the best thing you can do for meat animals is to get to know them.” http://ow.ly/e5OqY

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