Unexpected happiness


It is unbelievably hot now — this is the fall we know. 90 degrees and dry as a bone. Just wait for the winds to pick up and it will be fire season.

So as not to waste the nearly clean house, we had A and A and the Russians over for dinner on Saturday night, while my mother was off at her reunion. The last time the Russians came over, as you may remember, K, S and I drank a bottle of vodka between us. (Russian A, knowing better, does not drink vodka.) It was incapacitating, but S and I bonded and agreed that we would get a boat and store it in between our two houses. I thought they would like Pittsburgh A, since he is building a boat in his garage. This time we split the bottle 5 ways, which was completely doable. And they did like each other — it was fun.

Although touring the nursery the following morning in the 90 degree heat and bright sunlight was not the easiest thing in the world. We came home and rested for a while out back in the shade.

I have stunned myself with my cleaning efforts. I cleaned out the terrible dresser in the dining room. I moved the glasses and the china around so that we can actually reach them without climbing over the piano bench, and by taking the paint samples and the extra rolls of dresser paper away found a drawer for the light bulbs. Taking the light bulbs and about a hundred dead tennis bulbs out of the closet under the stairs means that it is now possible to walk into that closet and find the extension cords. This actually makes life so much better!

I can’t explain it, but suddenly it seems like there are lots of people we know and like, and while they don’t all know each other, it seems like they might like each other. I can imagine that the Russians would like a friend of mine from work, and he would probably like the new boyfriend who would probably like A and A. I am already putting together the Christmas latke party in my head and I think it might be even more fun than last year’s, which was very fun. E’s parents and the Houseguests should come, too.

I guess I really do like time of year. But it’s not just me — I made pumpkin muffins on Sunday afternoon to send to the girls and as I walked through town to the post office this morning to mail them, and then caught the bus from there to come to the office, everyone seemed hot, but also sort of cheerful. On the bus, we all caught our breath in unison when the boy with the large wooden model stood up, nearly smacking his model on a pole. Another boy sprang up to hold the door open for him. “Architecture,” said a woman, knowingly. We were a little community there for a minute before we all got out, the bus drove away, the light changed, and we all walked off in different directions.

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