We had a blackout last night.

It was kind of nice — we’d eaten outside because it was so warm. Then we came in and the lights went out.

You could see the candles in our neighbors’ windows. I lit candles, too, but it was really time for bed. I sat on the porch for a while. It was really delicious — slightly cooler and dark!

I am rethinking the whole mother-daughter relationship. I think it works so much better when I visit her because I feel no desire to clean out her closets and be helpful. I mean, I am helpful — I empty the dishwasher and help make dinner. Garden variety helpful. For some reason it seems to me that she wants to improve my life in various ways. I’m trying not to take offense — I don’t think any is meant — but it’s not exactly restful. Let’s just sit on the chairs rather than imagine them reupholstered. Yes, they are kind of dingy, but that’s okay. Here, let’s read books for a while, or the paper —

I do like her idea for sticking the television on the wall.

I do love her very much, but I think she’s just got more energy than most.

I’m at work now, dealing with the complicated but at least quiet and unmoving laws of the Philippines.

I’m breathing.


(Our dinner spot — I think it felt a little too wild for her.)

One thought on “Dark

  1. I am chuckling. My mother, too, has more energy than most. It’s exhausting. I just want to lie around eating bonbons — dust bunnies be damned. Enjoy the cool…

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