It might be slightly cooler today. In any case I took a long shower this morning and my hair is still wet and that is helping immensely. I do not yet feel like I’m going to crumble into a pile of dust.

We’re slipping in to a routine, and that is helping. Tonight the brother is coming over. We’re going to walk down to the food carts and get some kind of take-out for dinner and then come home to watch the debate. We’ve got enough wine. So other than getting dinner, no shopping is needed. I noticed some new music standing on the piano — that’s a good sign. My mother is going to walk down to the shoe store, and actually, in contradiction to my previous statement, she could check the bakery to see if they have any debate-themed cookies. They might. She’s going to water the garden.

So —

So, as my sister says, sew buttons on your underwear.

[I read this over and realized that I was only referring to my mother as “she.” Hmm.]


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