• It started raining last night at about 11, and as far as I know it rained straight through till about 9 this morning. The wet season has begun. I am really ready for it.
  • In preparation, I planted all the billions of grasses I bought under the influence of the meadow man. (I went to see John Greenlee talk at a nursery about a month or so ago — he makes the most beautiful meadows. Then I bought a lot of grasses.) I also planted the lettuce, cabbage and broccoli that have been waiting for, uh, three weeks! I put everything that shouldn’t get wet back into the basement, and folded up all the folding wooden furniture and put it under the back porch. I pulled the other furniture off the grass. It was highly satisfying to hear the rain last night and not suddenly remember that nothing was put away and we were in no way ready for winter. Pretty much everything is where it should be, and the grasses can now start growing.
  • The Giants won on Friday night (my plan to ignore them worked) and won again on Sunday night. K had a ticket from a friend and got to go.
  • I got to stay home, go for a walk (see bull above) and finish getting the garden ready. An altogether satisfactory division of labor, actually.
  • Went for a walk with A and A at Briones. It was very, very dry. We saw lots of cows, some hawks, and a coyote, who bounded through the grass and then down the trail ahead of us. Briones might be my favorite park. It’s big enough, has lots of different parts, lots of high ridges to climb, and lots of wildlife. There’s always something going on. We also saw two cowboys and three helper dogs. I believe they may have been doing something with that bull — we saw them later from another ridge.
  • It was a very satisfying weekend, although the house is a huge mess and I am stiff all over. Still, you can’t do everything, and just getting one thing actually finished feels like a huge accomplishment.
  • Still reading Ian Frazier’s Siberia. I’ve come to realize that it is partly about Siberia, but perhaps mostly about traveling to Russia and Siberia. I think that might be annoying to some, but it’s actually something I’m interested in. And once I’m done, I’ll switch the Kindle to my name from A’s. I decided to buy it. That’s exciting, too.
  • So there you have it — we’re in for the winter.

7 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. I do like rain. As long as it doesn’t go on forever and is also cold. I love hearing it rain while I’m inside all cozy and dry. Love that bull photo!

    • It’s always cold here, since it only rains from October through about March, usually. And it’s always colder when it does rain — there must be some explanation featuring arctic air and low pressure areas or something. But it makes excellent weather for sitting inside.

  2. I bet you’ll like the kindle–we had a loaned one for long enough to become fond of it and then had to get our own when it was time to give it back! It’s interesting to see if and how it changes one’s reading habits. And yes, around here the passing of a storm often beings a low pressure behind the storm front and leaves us chilly in its wake! Stay dry (and warm!)

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