I have to tell you that this is a failure of a weekend. Not completely unpleasant, though.

Friday was A’s birthday, and I was forced to go out for dinner with a bunch of friends and then go back to A and A’s house to play dictionary (which I am really good at) and then reverse taboo, (which I am not, but which was still fun). It was so much fun I was actually pressed into staying up til 1. There was also dancing.

Yesterday I made a fruit salad and went to a lovely luncheon at a colleague’s house. Fruit salad — success. I kept it to a fall theme, and included pears, apples, pomegranate seeds, persimmons and grapes. Yum. Also, I really do like my colleague, and I’d never really spent time with her outside of work, so it was fun.

Today I am going to the Houseguest’s to continue our attempt to watch the third season of Downton Abbey, which she has because she has access to British tv, and also to weigh in on which dress she should wear to a wedding. Then K and I are heading across the bay to a memorial service for his old boss.

So, if I go out now I may actually be able to get a small amount of the thyme planted in the side yard. I’ve got two loads of laundry done, but none folded. The dishwasher is clean, but not emptied. I’ve bought groceries but cooked nothing. The house is a complete mess with piles of election materials everywhere and things that need to be mailed and god knows what else — piles of sweaters that need to be put away and shoes to go to the closet. Etc. etc. etc. There’s no walk in sight.

I feel similarly behind at work.

This is not an auspicious beginning to the holiday season, is it?

All right. I think I need to lay down some ground rules. Above all, I need to get walking.

Despite the crabbiness, it has actually been fun.

Okay — I’ve now got half an hour to get something done in the garden . . .


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