[Picture has nothing to do with anything — took it weeks ago after the America’s Cup races.]

The weekend righted itself! We went to the memorial service, paid our respects, and then beat it! K went to the office. I planted the thyme in the little strip between my house and the neighbor’s driveway. I cut down all the perennials and made chickpea-fennel soup (recipe via the Magpie) and roasted delicata squash with pears (all I did was toss the squash and a pear with brown sugar, salt, pepper, chili powder, and olive oil and then roast for 25 minutes. Unbelievably good.)

Anyway, it was great to have my afternoon handed back to me on a plate. A person just needs a bit of time, now and then.

This in from M, who is voting in Ohio. I reminded her to bring her passport, not that she should need it. She answered, “Ya. All my id plus social security card and proof of living here that campus gave me. They’re not going to purge me from any voter rolls.” We are ready.

She’s going to vote at 9:30, after class, and I’m going to vote on my way in to work. K’s going to vote at lunch.

I’m assuming things will turn out all right and I will not need to move North, but you never know — guess I should not count my chickens before they hatch.

Happy Monday.


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