Stormy weather

We are having weather!

It rained all last week, and then really started pouring sometime last night. We woke up to a deluge at about 7. It was raining so hard water was coming against all sides of the house. There were flood warnings for all the rivers and the back of our garden is a lake.

I’m puttering around. We have plans to go eat Korean soft tofu soup for dinner, which is the best possible food for this kind of weather. We’ve got two separate houseguests coming this week, so I’ve got N and M’s rooms ready. I’ve cleaned and vacuumed the upstairs.

I’ve researched upholsterers for the tattered yellow chairs.

I’m contemplating hanging some new pictures. The kite-collage we were given by my mother-in-law looks good in N’s room, and the map of fairy land we’ve always had fits perfectly in the hall. The print of the big wave can move down to the sitting room, and the angel/fish print by the kids’ art teacher that we bought at a school auction can go in the upstairs bathroom, where the little print of the ark will fit over the window. I like our house more and more.

I’m thinking, in a lazy kind of way, that it might be time to think about skiing. I’m thinking, because I am old and decrepit, that my downhill days may be nearly over. Might be time to think about cross country. I love cross country skiing — it’s good exercise and better yet, you can go into the dark woods where nobody else is.


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