Hey —


When I went to Mitten School, I also met Lynn, from Speechless, Mostly.

She drove across the state line to come meet me. It turns out she lives in the town K’s dad used to summer in. He grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, but spent summers with his cousins on a farm in Missouri.

It was the way it often is when you meet a blog friend — you start talking right away and don’t stop, because you already know them. And it doesn’t feel strange at all.

Anyway, hi, Lynn! I made it to Mitten School and I made a mitten (which I will show you, eventually). Harveyville was nice, and if you send me your address I will send you a postcard.


12 thoughts on “Hey —

  1. I’m glad it was a merry meeting. I think I used to take such meetings more for granted; certainly I scoffed at the fears of others about them. Now it seems like something to be more grateful for–that the world is as you imagined it.

  2. I do! Was M worried about us? or about having to spend the night with previously unknown Kenyon students — who did indeed turn out to be a little odd, although only in the mildest way possible.

  3. M was worried that I might be an internet predator. I scoffed, because all the imaginary friends I’d met so far had turned out to be exactly as I had pictured them, from what they wrote. As things have turned out, I see that M was right to be cautious. But not about me!

  4. Hey back atcha! You’re nice to be vague about who was talking non-stop, because we know it was ME. I fear you brought out the Chatty Cathy in me…

    I had a wonderful time, and it was so fun to meet you. Come back to Harveyville any time!

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