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The second houseguest, who is my brother-in-law, arrived last night. We ate lentil soup made in the crockpot, with sausages and a salad composed entirely of things from the CSA box, well, with dried cranberries and pinyon nuts from the cupboard. It was good! Crockpots have been a topic of much fascination around the office of late.


There had been some talk of having some kind of dessert thing with the first houseguest, who was out with friends in the city last night. But we were all too tired. He came home after K and I had gone upstairs to watch MSNBC, read the paper and knit before bed, still mentally prepared for the possibility of the dessert thing. He lay at the foot of the bed and talked to us for a while, but quietly because the second houseguest was asleep. It was kind of cozy.

This is the guy who was dragged kicking and screaming to DC, but I think he’s settled in, now. He’s figuring stuff out. He grew up near New York and was reluctant to move back, but now seems happy that the kids are near cousins, etc.

It’s raining again today, and it is with great reluctance that I leave my warm house to walk to the office. It will be fine once I get there. It’s just that first step out the door that’s hard.


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