Madness –

  • Everyone in my office is getting sick. Not me, yet, knock on wood.
  • Christmas lunches every day of the week.
  • Present-buying has escalated. I have some ideas now.
  • Insane Christmas knitting, plus . . .
  • . . . we need to buy a tree, and . . .
  • . . . bake some cookies, and
  • . . . did I mention that we are flying east for Christmas?
  • N wanted us to, and it did sound like fun.
  • M had a small fit — her kind of Christmas is the kind where you come home and put your pajamas on and do not leave the house.
  • But she has come around. We can do that at my mother’s house, too, mostly.
  • M is having a good semester. Working really hard on art projects. Cracking the back of time management. Things are coming together for her, I think.
  • Anyway. That’s where we are for the moment.
  • Did I mention that winter is my very favorite season? It is.
  • I like the light and here, the rain, and the clear air. In other places, the bleakness of trees and the cold.
  • I love it.

9 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. The only other person I’ve ever met who says winter is her favorite season is my sister-in-law, who lived in the south up until 4 years ago. I think if you experience it often enough, it wears you down.

  2. i am (small c) catholic about the seasons. i really do like them all. that said, i wouldn’t mind a mild-ish winter this year, because the snow shoveling will be on my watch.

  3. You have to look hard to see winter here — the magnolias are already blooming, for instance, which is an abomination. But it is a little chilly, and it rains a lot, and the air is a lot fresher and some things are greener and some leaves are gone. It’s a subtle thing, but I think I have learned to see it. But for you, Maggie, I am hoping for a mild winter.

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