Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

It’s exceptionally windy here. All the boxes I’ve got piled on the front porch to break down for recycling tomorrow are crashing around, and I can hear the wind whipping through the trees. It’s nice to be inside.

After much angst, K and I went out to a party last night. I would always prefer to stay home. He would always prefer to go out. I give in and go along, sullenly, but the party really was fun, and we walked there and back, which was also nice. It was a dance party, and face it, there are not many opportunities for us to go dancing anymore. But then you’re out til 2 or 2:30 and you wake up groggy at 8. I would like to spring from bed eager to greet the new year. An insoluble dilemma.

I think my New Year’s resolution last year was to have fun, and I did. I walked a piece of the AT with my college friend, Lynn. I met imaginary friend Joy. Is this the year I met Harriet Spy as well? I flew to Kansas for a knitting workshop and met blogLynn of Speechless, Mostly. I really did try to do fun things. I walked a lot. I climbed the Sutter Buttes. I learned how to play poker. I started to think about writing a book.

This year I want to get organized. We’re surrounded with clutter and I want to get rid of it. I want the kitchen in particular to have a place for everything and everything in its place. I want there to be enough chairs for people in the rest of the house. I want it to be possible to listen to music in the house, and to open the windows upstairs, and to be able to entertain people easily, without it throwing us into a fit of cleaning. On a more metaphorical level, I want to figure out what’s ahead. I can probably retire in 10 years or less, and what do I want that to look like. I’s not too soon to think about that. I want to clear out roadblocks that might prevent me from doing things.

I’m grateful for the past year, for the most part. K’s mother’s health is not good. But K’s sciatica might be better. N graduated and is turning out to be a thoughtful and interesting person. I’m curious to see what she’ll do next. M is doing well and is happy in her work at school. K’s job is going well, and mine is too. I’m working hard, which is so much better than being bored. Life is okay, and there are clear and interesting paths ahead.

I’m hopeful that 2013 might be an interesting year . . .

And now I’m going to put the black-eyed peas on, and maybe then I’ll even take a nap . . .

Happy 2013!


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. It’s weird, I’ve always known how to and have always enjoyed organizing. My mother loves to have me come visit because she can usually get me to take on her kitchen, closets and dressers. The stuff she donates after one of my visits is mind-boggling!

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